A'La Carte

Elegant interiors with the soul of Podhale region, where our guests may feel at ease and their visit may easily turn into a feast of several hours with good food and equally excellent wine.

The combination of exquisiteness, modernity and tradition are the great advantages of our cuisine. A restaurant that has become the domain of pleasure and feeds not only stomachs but also hearts. Authorial dishes of Chef Sławomir Mazur are a feast for meat hedonists and connoisseurs of unusual taste combinations. Everything here is insolently delicious.

HALKA Restaurant is appreciated not only by guests hungry for culinary experiences. It has won recognition and awards granted by the culinary media. For years it has won the Poland 100 Best Restaurants award with the highest distinction of 5 WIDELCE+ and FOOD BUSINESS FORUM 2018 as the Best Hotel Restaurant in Poland.


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